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On the Edge by Iliona Andrews and The storm Front by Jim Butcher

I AM VERY HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THAT MY BLOG HAS REACHED 500 PAGE VIEWS                                                                           TODAY!!!
I have decided to celebrate it by writing reviews of the two books I have finished recently; On the Edge and The Storm Front. Then there is the Bastard Brew Blog Tour tomorrow.
On the Edge
Rose is an Edger who can flash white. Edge is the land where the boundaries of the Broken (the non-magical world) and the Weird (the magical world) overlap. People who live in the Weird have magic in them and only the blue bloods there can flash white. Therefore when Rose flashes white on her graduation ceremony she quickly becomes a target for those men looking for slaves to sell and those looking for a wife who will bear them powerful children. Rose was protected by her family when she was young but now when most of her family is dead she can only depend on her flash to keep such men at bay. She works a poor paying job in the Broken and is barely keeping herself afloat. She is also responsible for her two younger brothers, George and Jack. George can bring people back from dead and Jack can shape shift in to a lynx.

Their life changes abruptly when a blue blood, Declan, comes to their land seeing for Roses hand in marriage. Rose tries to scare him away but when he saves Georges life she agrees to give him three challenges. If Declan wins, rose will have to marry him and come with him to the weird (plus her brothers). But if Rose wins, Declan will have to leave them alone and grant them residency in the Weird. Meanwhile strange creatures are attacking people in the Edge leaded by a criminal from the Weird. The leader Casshorn, uses the creatures as a vessel that carries magic from them victim to him. The creatures seem to be produced by an ancient device that Casshorn had stolen from the Weird. Rose and Declan along with some Edger's, who have not fled already, try to locate Casshorn. William, a werewolf and adoptive son of Casshorn tries to woo Rose further complicating the matters. As Rose and Declan fight side by side to save the edge and its people they end up liking and respecting each other. Can Rose prevent her family and herself from becoming dependent on Declan? Can she prevent her self from falling in love with the blue blood and risk it all by listening to her heart?
On the Edge is the first book in a series written by Iliona Andrews. Comparing it to the Kate Daniels books would be wrong as they are obviously the better work but On the Edge series is awesome in its own way. The world building is superb but the characters looked and acted a bit like Kate and Curran. Their adventures were unique and their chemistry was perfectly sizzling.
George and Jack are simply adorable and I loved them. I younger siblings too and at times feel more like a mother to them then their elder sister. Though I have an awesome mom unlike Rose.
All in all this is a great book with fantastic characters and fantastic magic.
Storm Front (Dresden files 1)
Harry is professional wizard, who some times works as a consultant to the Special Investigations Unit of Chicago Police Department. He has a good working relationship with Lt. Murphy, who runs the SI unit and helps out people with magic related problems in his free time.
When he gets a call from Murphy about murder that definitely stinks of magic, Harry does not realize he will be dealing with the dark side of Chicago now. As Harry tries to juggles the police related work, a personal case and his love life, he realizes he can not solve this case while keeping everyone close to him safe. When Murphy lists him as a prime suspect and White Council's warden files a complain against him Harry realizes he has very less time left to find the murderer and if he fails he will lose everything he has spent years building........
I finally got around to reading the Storm Front which is I had heard belonged to one best Urban Fantasy series. The shear number of books already published in the series made me hesitate because if I got hooked I would not come out of my room until I am done with all of them. I was right to wait for my vacations. I am never coming out of my room again!
Jim Butcher has produced a character who will be remembered for a long time for his fear of death, his charming manners, his misogyny (he thinks that he is being a gentleman by trying to save all his lady friends even Murphy) and his duster.
Storm front presents us with good mystery and interesting characters; Harry, Murphy, Susan, Bob, Johnny Marcone and Mister. All this character add flavour and spice to an already intriguing mystery. I loved it!
I have already started reading Full Moon.
P.s I found out on net that there is a TV series based on the books. Is it any good? I do not want to ruin the series for myself when I have just started by binging on the TV series.....
                                                               Yours sincerely,

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