Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Lions Lady By Julie Garwood

Julie Garwood is one of my favourite authors and has written some of the most awesome historical fiction I have ever come across. Last week I read her crown spies series which includes; the Lions Lady, Guardian Angel, the gift and the Castle.

Blurb: The Lions Lady is a story of a white girl, Christiana, who was brought up and protected by an Indian tribe, Dakota, in America. She was given to Merry, a native American, by a English woman Jessica before she died. Merry bought her to the tribe an as   . The Indian shaman had seen her as a lioness protected by buffaloes and the bought her up as their own. She was raised and bought up by Merry and her husband in a way that she could go back to England to find the man who killed her mother.  Christiana find her maternal aunt and comes to London to attend her first season. She is an instant hit and is called the Princes by the Brummell himself. She is able to keep herself detached from everyone except a man called lion.

Lyon has retired from war department and is busy escorting his sister to the balls as it’s her first season. All women are scared of him and run the other way when they see him coming. He is intrigued when his friend, Rhone, asks him to get personal information out of the beautiful Miss Christiana as a bet. When Christiana does not cower before him and evades his questions successfully he finds himself following her to next event. Lyon cannot understand his fascination with the woman but he is determined to know her past and he knows he’d be successful if it weren’t for the attraction he feels towards her. How can he investigate her if all he wants to do is touch her whenever she is nearby?

Review: This is one of my favourite historical fictions. Lyon and Christiana are so much fun to read about. Lyon is amazingly hot and Catherine is one of the few fictional women I admire. Read it as soon as you get some time. Trust me you dont want to miss this. :)

Friday, 12 September 2014

Heist Society by Ally Carter

Blurb: Katarina Bishop is was an art thief. Now she goes to the most expensive private school and leads a some what normal life. When she is kicked out for something she did not do and finds Hale in the car that was supposed to take her home she knows her dream of leading a normal life was in great danger of never coming true. Hale informs her that her father was wrongly suspected of stealing some art that belonged to a mysterious and dangerous Arturo Taccone, she knows she can not turn her back to her family now. She needs to find the real criminal and get the Arturo and the Interpol off her fathers back. The task ahead of her is difficult especially now that she has found out that the art was stolen by Visily Romani (someone who is not to be messed with). Will she able to go back to her normal life after all this is over or will she be drawn back to the dangerous and exhilarating HEIST SOCIETY. 
 Review: I have read first 2 books from Ally Carters Gallagher girls and realized that they promise a lot but but fail to deliver. They are a dream come true for girls who wanted to read about a spy school for young girls ( few years ago I was one of those....ugh who am I kidding I still dream about them). The descriptions are perfect, the characters are cool but some how the book lacks that WOW* effect. 
When Heist society was recommended to me at that time I was not aware that it was penned by Ally Carter and I got really excited to start it. When I was done with first chapter I felt like yeah this seems like a good book. It had not WOW'ed me but I liked it. Then I remembered that I have felt this way before and checked out the authors name and google'ed it. I found out that Gallagher girls and Heist society where penned by the same person and realized that was why I felt like I was familiar with the style.
Heist society (for me) was way better then Gallagher girls even though they both shared a sense of.....umm...flatness, I guess. Heist society was interesting and I wanted to read more after I finished it. I liked Katarina Bishop (I never understood how her mind worked though). She is smart and not smug about it. I wished her thinking process and her feeling were more detailed so that I could understand her character. Her on and off  hot and charming boy friend, Hale (who literally follows her every where and seems to have no life  of his own) works great as an eye candy. Her team mates (her enigmatic uncle) were so much more interesting. I really liked the setting of the story which was all over Europe. The author has done a lot of research about art theft and it shows. It is the information that I enjoyed the most (I watch White Collar :p). 
This is a good book and if you want to check it out then go in with low expectations (you will not be disappointed that way).

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews

Kate Daniel is an urban fantasy series penned by the married duo, Ilona and Gordon Andrews. It is one of the best urban fantasy series out there. It is a bit gritty but loads of fun. The authors have created a world where technology and magic reign over the world in shifts. When the magic hits it claws away at huge sky scrapers and stops anything that works on electricity. Its a world of witches, mages, werebeings, vampires and necromancers.
Kate Daniels is a mercenary and she may not be happy with her life but she is content or as content as some one who was in hiding and could not afford personal attachments can be. Kates only attachment is to her guardian and his wife and when her guardian is found brutally murdered Kate is ready to move mountains to look for the murderer and bring him/her to justice (her own brand of justice that is). She is even ready to work with the Order. She expected that the finding the murderer would not be easy but what she did not expect was that she would come across the Beast Lord, Curran ( I love him and I am sure you will too and build a working relation with him (of sorts).
We do not get to know much about Kate's past in the first book but the authors reveal enough to keep us hooked in. The series gradually become a lot of fun and you find your self waiting for the next book.
Magic Bites
Magic Burns
Magic Strikes
Magic Bleeds
Magic Slays
Magic Rises
Magic Breaks
I just finished Magic Breaks ( #7), the latest installment, in the series. I did not love it as much as the previous book but the chemistry and the characters were as much fun as before. And Roland was awesome too. I can not wait until Kate and Roland lock horns again. Its a series you have to read to know what its all about it, the experience is very hard to put in words.
The best thing about the books is the world building and how everything just falls into place. It never seems like authors are trying to bring things together they just are. The characters are crazy and most of them you can relate with or at least sympathize which makes the books so much real.
So if you are a huge fan of Urban Fantasy and enjoy eccentric characters this series is made fro you.