Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Lions Lady By Julie Garwood

Julie Garwood is one of my favourite authors and has written some of the most awesome historical fiction I have ever come across. Last week I read her crown spies series which includes; the Lions Lady, Guardian Angel, the gift and the Castle.

Blurb: The Lions Lady is a story of a white girl, Christiana, who was brought up and protected by an Indian tribe, Dakota, in America. She was given to Merry, a native American, by a English woman Jessica before she died. Merry bought her to the tribe an as   . The Indian shaman had seen her as a lioness protected by buffaloes and the bought her up as their own. She was raised and bought up by Merry and her husband in a way that she could go back to England to find the man who killed her mother.  Christiana find her maternal aunt and comes to London to attend her first season. She is an instant hit and is called the Princes by the Brummell himself. She is able to keep herself detached from everyone except a man called lion.

Lyon has retired from war department and is busy escorting his sister to the balls as it’s her first season. All women are scared of him and run the other way when they see him coming. He is intrigued when his friend, Rhone, asks him to get personal information out of the beautiful Miss Christiana as a bet. When Christiana does not cower before him and evades his questions successfully he finds himself following her to next event. Lyon cannot understand his fascination with the woman but he is determined to know her past and he knows he’d be successful if it weren’t for the attraction he feels towards her. How can he investigate her if all he wants to do is touch her whenever she is nearby?

Review: This is one of my favourite historical fictions. Lyon and Christiana are so much fun to read about. Lyon is amazingly hot and Catherine is one of the few fictional women I admire. Read it as soon as you get some time. Trust me you dont want to miss this. :)

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