Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Strega by Karen Fernandes

"You have been reborn to us. To end this war. Jay, mia cara......
      You are the Triune."
Blurb: Jay Banifacio is just an ordinary girl living with her grand mother. She has friends and career aspiration like most girls her age. Then one night her grand mother is brutally murdered and some one starts attacking her whenever she is alone. Then one night after waking from a terrifying nightmare she finds a dagger (of sorts). Sick and tired of the nightmares and the attacks she sets out to find the truth. The more she finds out about the dagger and her family the more she realizes she has been living a lie....
Jay is no ordinary girl. She is Strega. She has mortal enemies who will kill any one she loves to get to her. She can trust no one. She is a reincarnation of a hero destined to kill the one who hunts and preys on her family, Invidia. As long is she is alive no one jay cares about is safe. She has only her family to rely on and.....Vince. Vince is her one true love, her protector and they are made for each other. but they are also cursed and as long they are together one of them will die.
Jay has a choice to make either embrace her destiny and face what she has feared her all life or run as she had in all her nightmares.
Strega is beautifully written tale of a girl on a journey to find the truth behind every bizarre thing disrupting her life. Karen Fernandes has done a very good job of setting the mood. I felt like I was watching a horror movie at times, especially during the part when Jay goes into the basement when the fuse blows out. I actually started saying " Don't go into the basement, haven't you seen movies to know it never ends nicely???', that earned me worried looks from my family :P Anyways I enjoyed the part where Jay is researching her origins ( which I do not her envy) and realizes her powers of precognition, acceleration and invisibility at will (which I do envy). The author has given a good roman mythology spin to the story.The way Jay researched her family kind of reminded me of Da Vinci code and Angels and Demons. It was going really well until the author decided to add a bit of Romeo Juliet story line in to it. I did not like Vince. He was heroic, protective and all things nice but with no personality of his own. I like it when authors add funny quirky habits to the characters makes them more real, more human. The author paced the climax to fast while some parts I felt were being dragged like a dead body.
Karen's debut is actually really good but now that she has experienced writing her first book I hope the next one is bit more polished.
What do you think?
P.S: I decided not to write a synopsis for this one because I would have spoiled a lot of fun for you guys.
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