Friday, 6 June 2014

In Pattaya, Thailand!!

Day 1
I am finally here! The weather is awesome cloudy and humid though I am hoping that it rains soon. We got here via Cathay pacific airplane and even though I never fall asleep during air travel this time I slept for four hours straight (we had departed at 12 am according to Karachi time). But I woke up in time to capture some amazing shots from my new mobile 😊. 

I felt lie I was passing by some other world, perhaps the Cloud KingdomπŸ˜€. Any ways after we landed and want through the whole airport process we rented a cab and started towards Pattaya Thailand. We spent half the day resting and left for a walk around the city in evening.
View from my balcony πŸ˜€
Though the beach here is awesome the city it self isn't that pretty. It made me sad to see all the brothels on streets, though all the colourful boards were mesmerizing.
 We browsed through small shops and hawkers and found little trinkets to buy. I am sure we were getting ripped off but the prices werent that high. We mistakenly walked in to a red light area, the walking street and made a sharp u-turn as my siblings are too young. There transport system her is amazing there are open vans that pick and drop people all around the city. We got back and had canned halal food that mom had packed. We plan to go to the beach tomorrow and Mini Siam ( siam= former name of Thailand), where there are miniatures of all the important buildings from around the world 😊.

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