Monday, 24 February 2014

Match me if you can by Susan Elizabeth Philips

Blurb: Annabelle is the black sheep in her family where everyone is a high achiever. She does not have a five year plan or any plan at all. After a few detours she finally decides to take over her grand mothers matchmaking business. Fortunately, her friend gets her an appointment with  a ruthless sports agent Heath Champion, aka the Python, who is in the market for a wife. Heath has no time for the impish matchmaker but her determination and her client Gina move him enough to give her a chance. She is also the only one who could get him closer to Phoebe,who was making his professional life a hell.  But no one is as surprised as Heath when he finds himself attracted to Annabelle.  But both of them want to keep it strictly professional. Will Annabelle be able to find his soul mate without losing her heart to the Python?

Three years ago when I read a blurb for Match me if you can by Susan Elizabeth Phillips I never thought I'd be hooked for life.
Although I have read many books by Susan it was her Match me if you can that manged to stay with me over the years. This book is an amusing tale of opposites attract, where a ruthless business finds himself attracted to one women he should not be attracted to. His naive matchmaker.The chemistry sizzles as Heath and Annabelle try to get what they want without really giving into their needs.
I absolutely adore Annabelle and Heath they are one of my favourite protagonists. Usually Susans heroins tend to have more depth this time the hero's character that charmed me more than anything. Susan mange's to keep the story flowing at all times with many sub plots. As usual she inspired and made me laugh simultaneously. I hope you cherish Match me if you can as much as I did.
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