Sunday, 16 March 2014


Hi! its been few days since I last posted something as I was down with flu and started watching Veronica Mars. Now I am seriously hooked and am completely useless until I am done with it.I liked season one and season two is okay, basically this is my situation right now:

Does that happen to you too? 
Can you stop your self or do you keep on watching even though your eyes start to water??
If so which show were you following??
I just have to know who Veronica ends up with, Logan or Duncan..... so as soon as I am done binge-watching I will finish Eric is Awake.
                                                                    Yours sincerely,


  1. I loved Veronica Mars and watched every single episode from the beginning, in order, and couldn't wait for the next one every week. But, supposing I came across it now for the first time, and had all the episodes, I might binge watch pretty badly.

  2. Yeah! I couldn't stop watching but sadly there are only 3 seasons and I am already done with the movie, it was awesome!!! I hope they restart the show or at least make a movie sequel (this time with a better case though) :)