Sunday, 9 March 2014

Bittersweet rescue by Coleen Kwan

Three seconds can change a man's life.
BlurbBittersweet rescue is the story of two people, Ellie and Drake. Ellie has been living in a state of limbo since her sisters death. She works for Drake as his PA. A horrific road accident snaps Ellie awake and she ends up saving Drakes life. Now that Ellie is awake she is more attuned to her surroundings especially to her boss. Reluctantly, they both acknowledge the attraction and Drake offers to ' scratch the itch' while they are on leave. Drake wants to keep things strictly physical. Though he can not help but be fascinated by his little secretary as she lets down her reservations little by little. As they spend more time together its not strictly physical anymore. But Ellie can not be with someone whose entire life has been spent seeking revenge... When the time comes will Drake acknowledge his feelings for her or will he let her go? 
I got a free copy of Bittersweet rescue by Coleen Kwan for my honest review. 
I really enjoyed reading about Drake and Ellie coming to terms with their past. The pace was just right and the story was beautifully written. The characters were strong and their chemistry was almost palpable. There were few times I laugh out loud at Ellie's horror when she would just blurt out whatever she was thinking.
The author has done a good job of letting her characters accept their emotions without too much of melodrama. I will be adding her books on my to-read list.
Recommended to those who need to read a sweet short love story with a happy ending.
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