Saturday, 8 March 2014

Entangled Moments by Dori Lavelle

Blurb: Carlene has been through a tragic accident and she lost everything she held dear; her boyfriend, her career and her apartment....
She finally finds refuge in Oasis and has been hiding there since. But a brief meeting with a stranger, Nick, convinces her that its time to face the world. What she did not anticipate was how a single good deed was going to turn her life around. Suddenly she has a solid job and a nice apartment and shes the face of a new line, Diamond Dreams. 
Carlene can not stop thinking about Nick even when she knows its never going to work out. Nick is not only a billionaire but he is also engaged. How will Carlene manage when the very person who inspired her to face the world again is completely out of her reach? What she does not realize is that their lives were intertw
ined even before they met! Will their feelings for each other be able to survive the storm that awaits them or will Carlene be shattered just like before?
Review: I received a copy entangled moments from author Dori Lavelle via goodreads for my review. Entangled moments is a short book hence the pace is fast and less detailed. I liked reading about Carlene facing the world and her optimism was refreshing. There were two things I felt were a bit weak:
1. development of Nick and Carlene's relation
2. Nicks character, I found him to be a bit selfish and dull. I mean he spent few years with a women and figured out she was after his money only after meeting Carlene? Even when his fiance did not even really try to hide it? 
Dori leaves a lot of question unanswered. I realize that she needs to leave some content hidden for the second book but some details of the 'tragic accident' should have been told. Due to this the reader is left a bit lost and confused as to the point of the book. This book was more of introduction then a story, where the author set the ground for further books. 
Entangled moments makes for an interesting read and has a lot of potential. Best of luck to Dori for her future endeavors.
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