Friday, 7 March 2014

Silent in the grave by Deanna Raybourn

To say that I met Nicholas Brisbane over my husband’s dead body is not entirely accurate. Edward, it should be noted, was still twitching upon the floor.
Blurb: Lady Julia is the recently widowed daughter of Lord March. Late Lord Edward had a weak heart and his condition had been worsening when one evening he collapsed, his heart simply unable to handle the stress of living anymore. It was then Lady Julia met Nicholas Brisbane, a private detective of sorts. Nicholas was employed by Lord Edward when he got some threatening mail. Lady Julia refuses to accept the possibility that her husband might have been murdered. Why would someone try to kill an already dying man?It is almost after one year of mourning that she finds one of the threatening mail. She then quickly realizes her mistake and consults Nicholas, together they work to uncover the mystery that Lord Edward was. But is Lady Julia really ready to face the truth? When the time comes will she be able to face the murderer who could be someone she really holds dear?
Review: Silent in the grave is the first book in Lady Julia series by Deanna Raybourn. As it is the first book most of it was spent setting a background for upcoming series. There was little chemistry and mystery was only mildly arresting. I liked the character development more. Though little was revealed about Nicholas he might make an interesting character to read about later in series.  The characters were too forward minded for that particular era I was willing to ignore that to find out how it all ended. I am curious to see how things work out between Julia and Nicholas. Though the characters seem a bit detached at times I can only hope the author works on the almost non-existent chemistry between them. I like books that have slight erratic family members associated with them perhaps because I have some of my own therefore I enjoyed reading about the Marches. If you are done with Julia Quinn, Julie Garwood and Jude Deveraux I suggest you start with Deanna Raybourn. But do not make the mistake of comparing Deanna with the above three you might feel slightly disappointed.
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