Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Duke and I by Julia Quinn

“Men are sheep. Where one goes, the rest will soon follow.

-Lady Whistledown” 

Blurb:Daphne has been looking for the right man all her life but if shes not careful she will be left on-the-shelf permanently. Daphne almost gives up when Simon her brothers best friend proposes a deal to her. For Simon Daphne is the only way he can avoid the mad pursuits of women of the society. When Daphne agrees in hope that many will follow the path of the Duke she never thought she will end up falling for the Duke himself. The Duke never wanted to marry for love but will he be able to give up Daphne when its time to let her go?
This book is the first book from one of my favorite series of all time!! I love Julia's work and her characters are adorable especially the girls and the guys are just hot. I read it in 2008 and have been following her work since. The Bridgerton family is a chaos reigned family which will remind you of your own. I really like the way this series was based on siblings whose initials go according to the alphabet. Sadly Bridgertons only got as far as H before Lord Bridgerton died and left us longing for more amusing novels.
Daphne and Simon are my all time favorite characters.And the rest of the books in Bridgerton are just as good as Duke and I if not better.
One of the best works of Julia, the riveting plot will make you laugh and fall in love like never before. If you haven't tried her out let me tell you you are missing out on one of the best historical fiction.
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