Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Best kind of broken by Chelsea Fine

Blurb: Pixie and Levi used to be best of friends before a tragic accident. The accident left permanent scars and they have been avoiding each other since. Suddenly they find themselves living in an inn in the middle of nowhere. They try (unsuccessfully) to avoid each other but that does not work out well when Levi uses all the hot water and Pixie keeps blowing the fuse.  How can they avoid each other when they can hardly keep their hands of each other?Will they both runaway from the past or will they face the demons together? 

 ReviewBest kind of broken by Chelsea Fine is overall an okay book. The characters, Pixie and Levi, were strong and so was their chemistry. But scenes that should have made me cry left me unmoved. The author needs to slow down the pace a little during those scenes so that the reader can get a feel of the characters emotion. I liked that the book was written from POV of both Levi and Pixie.

Note:  Read this book when you are busy or travelling so you will not feel bad or lost when you take a break.

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