Saturday, 1 March 2014

Throne of glass by Sarah J. Maas

Blurb: Celaena is an eighteen year old assassin serving her time in Endoviers salt mines. But she is not just any assassin she is Adarlans best assassin. She is given a chance to be free again but she will have to enter and win the contest to become the King Champion. The same King who ruined her life and everything she holds dear. She decides to take the chance. Chaol, the Captain of the guard is not really happy with the situation and helping an assassin sharpen her skills does not make it better. He becomes concerned as her sponsor, the prince seems to falling hard for the tough as nails assassin. 
When someone seems to be killing the competition, Celaena begins to wonder if the cost of freedom was too high.
I will not be afraid.
Chanting that had enabled her to survive the mines but will it be enough when she faces her opponents, some of the deadliest criminals in the land?

I think I just found my new favorite series. I absolutely love Celaena, she is now my favourite heroin after Dante (Dante Valentine series) and Kate (Kate Daniels series). She is tough and her wit is to die for. Though she is a bit more girly than Dante and Kate, she loves to dress up :)  I really like her chemistry with Chaol as he seems to really see her and not just a soft version of her like Dorian, the prince. Though Dorian is pretty hot too but he needs to mature. I hope he decides to take a more firm stance against his father, the king, later in the series. Sarah J.Maas has done an awesome job at world building and I enjoyed her style. I liked the way she provided different POVS through the book though it was mostly from Celaena POV.  I will be starting Crown of midnight soon. I hope its as awesome as Throne of glass.
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