Saturday, 22 March 2014

Woman of Honor by Nicole Zaltack.

Blurb:Aislinn wants to be a knight but their Kingdom has never had a Lady Knight before. As she goes to the king with her request she is granted two probationary years after which it will be decided whether she has what it takes to be a knight. Thus begins a long journey towards the knighthood during which she will have to prove her worth time and time again. When the time comes will she be deemed worthy of carrying the honorable title of knighthood?
Synopsis: Woman of honor is all about Aislinn, a girl who wants to be a knight to carry on her family's tradition after her brothers tragic death. She goes to the King who accepts her request but on condition that she will have to go through two years of probation after which it will be decided if she is worthy of knighthood or not. During those two years she makes an ally out of the prince, whom she hates for having luxuries she does not have. She finds a friend in a young page, George and an enemy of sorts in, Adamina. Adamina is a street rat who also decided to become a knight when she heard of Aislinn. Aislinn works very hard to prove her worth and gains her peers respect along the way. Along the way she has to prove her self again and again just for being a female. A time will come when she will have to let go of the prince she has come to love...Will she be able to make that sacrifice?
Music: Tarantarmoricana
*I was given a free copy by the author for my honest review*
 I am a firm believer in hard work and I liked the way Aislinn worked for her knighthood. What ever her problems be she really was determined to be a knight and that beyond anything made me admire her. She also stood up for what she believed in and was stubborn enough to survive the bullying and constant fear of failing. Initially she is arrogant and I liked how she grew out of it with age but I would have liked it if it had not been at Adamina's death. I actually liked Adamina despite her attitude problem as she had much more to face then Aislinn. I would have liked to see her alive and to find how it all turned out for her.
Woman of honor is an interesting read with many interesting characters but leaves much to be desired. To start with when does a seven year old start thinking like a fourteen year old? Is it because of the era? Younger Aislinns thoughts left me bewildered for the first 20% of the book. The book also lacked depth initially and felt two dimensional. Then there is Aislinn her self. Aislinn is simply used to having what she wants and it surprises me how she got through some of the troubles through sheer luck. There is also how anyone who hated her either died or was kicked out of the program. I get the author wanted a happy ending but something tragic needs to happen and fast to save the story from becoming too predictable. Aislinn and Cealans love story also needed to be a bit more complicated, some times I felt like I was watching a Disney movie.
Despite all the above I actually enjoyed reading Woman of honor and got invested in the characters. I wish to find out how it all ends. Best of luck to Nicole for her future endeavors.
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