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Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass # 2) by Sarah J. Maas

Blurb: Celaena Sardothien is finally free. She is also the Kings Champion. She has to eliminate any threat to the King Havilliard, the king who destroyed everything she held dear, the king she despises beyond any anything, the king who would kill her the moment he found out her true identity. And he will expect his Captain of the Guard, Choal, to do it. Choal, the man who saved her life and some one she had grown to care As Choal and Celaena toe the line that should never be crossed they endanger not just their loved ones but the very purpose they live for. Can they remain true to their purpose and themselves or will they throw it all away and find a new purpose to live? With the ancient forces at work they have to make that decision fast or it will be made for them and they might not like the consequences it wrought's.
Song: Poisoned with love
I loved crown of midnight. Everything was beyond awesome. Celaena is back to her assassin ways and this time she has people who truly care for her. Chaol and Celaena are closer than ever. Captain of the Guard has grown to care and love Celaena for who she really is but if he crosses the line he will not only betray the king but the friend he really cares for, Dorian. He helps her find the new rebellions who threaten the king but what he does not realize is that Celaena means to help them not destroy them. Dorian decides to move on halfway through the book and realizes something about himself that will destroy everything he believes in.
Choal and Celaena finally end up together and find happiness a midst kings cruelty.But that happiness is short lived as Celaena loses the only true friend in the whole glass castle, Nehemia and she thinks Chaol is to blame. This is enough to snap Celaena and she decides she had had enough. She is determined to find the reason behind kings power and sudden disappearance of magic. While Celaena is busy roaming the dark labyrinth beneath the glass castle Chaol is searching for Celaena's true identity and what he finds has him scared. He is not scared of her but scared for her and he will do anything to keep her safe even go back to the family that threw him out many years ago.
In this second book in Throne of Glass series Sarah gives you everything, a good story line, lovable characters, enviable relationships and darker villains. Crown of midnight leaves the reading craving more and I for one can not wait for Heir of Fire to come out this September!
(Review of Throne of Glass (Book 1 of series): Throne Of Glass )

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