Monday, 9 June 2014

Mine till midnight by Lisa Kleypas

Blurb: Amelia is the eldest sister of the Hathaway siblings and has had no problems managing all her siblings except for her brother Leo. When Leo dissappear for three days she has no choice but to go look for him in the seedy parts of the London. She never thought that in her quest to find her brother she will find an intriguing gypsy, Cam Rohan. 
Cam Rohan is a manager of a gentleman's club and has a good luck curse. As a gypsy he abhors collecting wealth but he can't seen to get rid of his wealth no matter how much he tries it only returns to him on tenfold. When he find Amelia Hathaway he can't help but be attracted to her simple beauty. Somehow he ends up helping her in her quest which ends with a passionate kiss and a stolen ribbon. 
They thought they will never see each other again and no one is more superseded than them when they do. They more they try to stay away the more the end up together.....will these seemingly different people overcome their internal struggle to be with each other forever??
Review: Lisa keypad has an amazing ability to make her characters alive. They are living breathing people with flaws like real people. Amelia and Cam are an odd couple but things are always odd where Hathaways are concerned. The Hathaway siblings are an eccentric bunch and a lot of fun to read. Well written with strong characters Mine till midnight is a great read!

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