Monday, 7 July 2014

Ramadan is here! so are oil laden delicacies :p

Hi (and Assalam Walaikum)!
How are you guys??? I am fine and fasting as its the month of Ramadan. It is a month during which all the Muslims worldwide fast to relieve our bodies and spirit. Though we do stuff ourselves with delicious fried food and amazing desserts as soon as we hear the maghrib azaan and I dont think it helps our body much.
Muslims love ramadhan not just because of its holy and its the month when devil gets chained up in hell but also because we get to meet all our friends and family over aftar and share amazing food. If you ever come to Pakistan (that is if you are brave enough to catch a flight here and drive through the criminal laden streets) you should really try some of the dishes mentioned below:

  1. Biryani (spicy rice served with chicken or mutton)
  2. Samosas ( filled with spicy mincemeat or spicy potato paste)
  3. Shami Kabobs ( here its written as Kebab)
  4. Aloo Kachories ( there are no words that can describe its awesomeness)
  5. Pani puri
  6. Dahi puri

Oh Man! I am getting hungry just thinking about them. I am not going to torture myself any more and if you are interested in more Pakistani food I will write another post but after Ramadhan of course :).
It is also the month during which World cup is happening in Rio, Brazil. Today its Brazil against Germany!Are you excited to see that match?
I think Germany is going to make it to finals this time :).
Any ways the point of this post is that as so much is going on I havent been able to post since I got back from Malaysia. I have read and re-read a lot of books and I wanna share them with you and will do soon as I start getting at least 6 hours sleep :). I have also joined an online course which starts on 14th July 2014.
Right now I am compiling a list of books that have been or will be released this month. But its not likely I will be able to post much.
I would really like some book recommendations, I would really like to read a book which has all these elements: action, adventure and romance :p
I also have also started reading The Husband Maker for blog tour and I am really liking it so far.
Take care guys and Happy Ramadan

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