Monday, 11 August 2014

Hi guys! You'd never guess where I am.....

I am at a hotel near Niagara Falls! I just got here from the new York City! !! 
Yes I am in the United States of America to visit my aunt in LA but with a few stops. I spent 5 most awesome days of my life in NYC and I loved it! I got to see the Statue of liberty,  the Empire State building, Central park and...the times square! 
I also visited Museum of Modern Art for free ( it's free every Friday 4-8 pm). I got to see some paintings by Picasso and Vincent Van gogh (starry night).  I will upload pics and much more info about the city that never sleeps soon. Right now I gotta hit the bed so that I am fully awake when I see the Niagara Falls tomorrow. 
Ciao :*

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