Thursday, 12 June 2014

seduce me at sunrise by Lisa Kleypas

Blurb: Win is tired of being the weak one.She has spent half her life depending on others,especially Merripen, because of  the scarlet fever that left her frail and weak. She is determined to make her self strong again even if she has to leave everyone she loves,her siblings and Merripen, behind. Win gives Merripen the last chance to express his feelings before she leaves but he refuses to do so as he feels undeserving of her love.
Merripen is a gypsy who was found injured by the Hathaway's. They took him in and took care of him but the only reason he stayed was because of Win. He fell in love with her and has been watching over her and odd siblings for a long time. He is left devastated when Win leaves for France for her treatment.
The two years they have spent separated has left them changed....Will they be able to recognize and love each other despite the changes?
This is another sweet romantic tale by Lisa Kleypas and the second book in her Hathaway's series. Win and Merripen make an adorable couple though their stubbornness can drive one crazy. In this story there is nothing that keeps them apart except that they love each other too much. Merripen is a gypsy and in their time they weren't given much respect in society and if he marries Win he will be condemning her to a life of isolation. He does not realize that all Win wants is to be with him and when he doesn't give in she turns to the doctor who treated her in France.
It is a light pleasant read though not one of Lisa's great works though.
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